Lab 7.3.1 Editing the HOSTS file in windows

Step 1: locate the Hosts file in windows

Step 2: edit the Hosts file

Step 3: test the new name mapping

Step 4: reflection

  1. Which other files are located in the \ETC folder with the HOSTS file?
  • Pemetaan IP
  • Host name
  • Pemetaan web server
  1. Which character is used to comment out description text in the HOSTS file? Menggunakan tanda ā€˜#ā€™ untuk membuat komentar deskripsi


Lab 7.3.3 a Examining Cached DNS information on a windows DNS server

Step 1: use the windows server administrative tool

Step 2: perform a DNS lookup

Step 3: Examine the chaced DNS entries

Step 4: reflection

  1. The DNS server had to do a query to the domain name servers to resolve name ( to an IP address what do you think would happen the next time this website is visited again a few minutes? Maka aka nada ns3 karena alamat diakses untuk yang ketiga kalinya
  2. What would happen if there are no requests for this website for a longer period of time? Tidak akan terjadi apa-apa record-nya tidak akan bertambah.


Lab 7.3.3.b Creating Primari and secondary forward lookup zones

Step 1: Create a primary forward lookup zone on windows

Step 2: add a host record to the primary forward lookup zone

Step 3: create a secondary forward lookup zone

Step 4: reflection

What is the major benefit of having a primary and secondary DNS server in a zone?

Primary DNS server: computer menjalankan fungsi name server baerdasarkan data base yang dimilikinya

Secondary DNS server: computer menjalankan fungsi name server berdasarkan database yang diambil dari ptimary server