Lab 8.1.3 Security local data and transmitted data

Part 1

Step 1: secure bobs files folder

Step 2: test joes access to bobs files

Part 2

Step 1: identify a secure web page

Step 2: examine secure access to an untrusted source warming


Lab 8.2.1 planning for access lists and port filters

Step 1: Restrict Client A to one subnet

You are asked to restrict client A to only the subnet to which it is currently attached. Client A needs to be able to access server A. but it does not need to accsess the internet or server B. where would you place the access list?

Router Interface Allow or Deny? Input or output filter? Why?
Router 2 0/0 dan 0/1 deny input Karena hanya untuk mengekses server yang berada di internal jaringan dan tidak bisa untuk eksternal jaringan atau jaringan luar

Step 2: Restrict client A access to server A but allow access to server B the internet

You are asked to restrict client B from accessing server B needs internet access and access to server B. where would you place the access list?

Router Interface Allow or Derry? Input or output filter? Why?
Router 1 dan 3 0/0 dan 0/1 allow output Karena diizinkan untu mengakses jaringan internal dan eksternal


Step 3: Allow only client A to access the routers using only SSH

You have been asked to secure access to the routers for only client A. which will be the management PC for those routers. You want to limit access to only SSH from Client A and prevent telnet access. Where would you place the access list?

Router Interface Input or output filter? Port Allow or Deny? Why?
Router 1 0/0 dan 0/1 input 0 deny Jaringan internal
Router 2 0/0 dan 0/1 output 0 allow Jaringan eksternal
Router3 0/0 dan 0/1 output 0 allow Jaringan eksternal


Lab 8.2.5 Researching an Anti-X Software Product

Step 1: identify three products

Company Product
smadav Smadav
morphic Morposh
Avira Avira


Step 2: Compare pricing

Company Product Price
microsoft Windows Rp.1.500.000
  Linux free
aple machintosh Rp.5.000.000


Lab 8.3.1 Interpreting a service level agreement

Step 1: review typical customer needs

Step 2: Analyze a sample SLA and identify key components

  1. Read over the sample SLA that follows and answer these questions regarding content, ISP responsibilities, and customer requirements.
  2. According to this agreement, can the ISP be held liable for damage to equipment owned by the customer [Client] or data loss that occurs due to accidental actions by ISP vendor staff or other persons? bisa
  3. What are some examples of One Time Services included in the SLA? E-mail service, electronic interchange, online accounting, secure remote workerr support, remote indtrumentation and control system, and backup and recovery service.
  4. What are some examples of On going Services included in the SLA? E-mail service, online acounting
  5. When will regular downtime maintenance be scheduled and how many business days notice must the ISP give of any scheduled downtime? Banyak jam dalam satu hari dan banyak hari dalam senulan.What does the ISP’s network monitoring system do when an error condition is detected? What is the stated availability of the Systems Administrators in the event of a system failure? What is “usage monitoring” and how does the ISP provide this service? Dengan memantau kerja sistem
  6. Regarding problem severity and ISP response time, what is the difference in response between “Level 1 – normal business hours” and “Level 3 – normal business hours”? pada level satu baru mendeteksi problem dan pada level 3 sudah ada pengontrolan
  7. On what factors are the penalties for service outages based?  Provides an estimate for the cost to the customer for a service outage for each of the services the customer wants covered by an SLA.


Lab 8.3.2 conducting a Network capture with wireshark

Step 1: install and launch Wireshark

Step 2: select an interface to  use for capturing pakets

Step 3 : Analysyze web trafict information (optional)

  1. The conection to the google server with a query to the DNS server to lookup the server IP address. The destination server IP address will most likely start with 64.x.x.x what is the source and destination of the first packet sent to the google server?



  1. Open another browser window and go to the ARIN who is database http://www.arin .net/whois/ or use another whois lookup tool and enter thr IP address of the destination server. To what organization is this IP address assigned?
  2. What are the protocols is used to establish the connection to the web server and deliver the web page to your local host? TCP
  3. What is the color used to establish the connection to the server and deliver the web page to your local host? hijau
  4. What is the color used to highlight the traffic between your host and the google web server? gray

Step 5: filter a network capture

  1. Open a command prompt window by clicking start > all programs > run and typing cmd.
  2. Ping a host IP address on your local network and observer? ICMP
  3. When icmp is typed in the filter text box what kind of raffic is was displayed? Ketika kita menge-ping host IP address yang ada di jaringan local kita
  4. Click the filter: Expression button on the wireshark eindow. Scroll down the list and view the filter possibilities there. Are TCP, HTTP,ARP and other protocols listed? Ya ada

Step 6:reflection

  1. There are hundreads of filters listed in the filter: expression option. It may be possible that, in a large network , there would be enormounts and many different types of traffic. Which three filters in the long list do you think might be most useful to a network administrator
  2. Is wreshark a tool for out of band or in band network monitoring

Explain your answare

Lab 8.4.2 planning a backup solution

step 1: choose the media and backup hardware

Equipment / media price quality
USB and solid-state drives $30-$90 medium
fireWire drives $180 best
CD-RW and DVD+RW/-RW drives $100 medium


Step 2: design a backup plan and procedure

  1. Describe the equipment recommended and explain why you selected this equipment

Saya memilih media di atas Karena saya melihat dari segi kapasitas dan segi ekonomis

  1. Describe location of the equipment in the network and the network link speeds to the equipment
  2. Describe the backup media to be used and also explain why you selected this media
  3. Describe the backup schedule
  4. Describe the backup and restore procedure, including what kind of backup (Normal, differential, incremental), how it will be tested what kind of maintenance the equipment requires. How tapes will be labeled and where tapes that have been backed up will be stored. When backups need to be restored, what is the procedure for a file a folder a driver (use extra sheets it necessary)?