Step 1: Identify the appropriate VLAN

In the previous labs, you identified VLANs and subnets to be used in the FilmCompany network expansion. For each device listed in the table in the final section of this lab, assign each host the appropriate VLAN based on its description. Record these VLAN assignments in the third column of the table in Step 5.

Step 2: Assign addresses to the devices

In the previous lab, an address range was established for each subnet and VLAN. Using these established ranges and the VLAN assignments to the devices in the previous step, assign a host address to each of the selected hosts. Record this information in the last column of the table in Step 5 of this lab.

Step 3: Define the codes for device naming

From the device information, develop and apply a naming convention for the hosts.

A good naming scheme follows these guidelines:

  • • Keep the names as short as possible; using fewer than twelve characters is recommended.
  • • Indicate the device type, purpose, and location with codes, rather than words or abbreviations.
  • • Maintain a consistent scheme. Consistent naming makes it easier to sort and report on the devices,

and to set up management systems.

  • • Document the names in the IT department files and on the network topology diagrams.
  • • Avoid names that make it easy to find protected resources.

For each naming criteria, assign a code for type. You will use these codes in different combinations to create device names. In the tables below, create codes for the elements of the device names. Use as many or as few codes as needed.

Device Type Type code Device Purpose Purpose code Device Location Location code
Laptop LT Management MGMT Stadium STAD
Desktop PC PC Production PROD 1st Floor 1FLR
Workstation WS Netadmin NETA 3rd Floor 3FLR
Printer PT ServerRoom SVRM
Scanner SC
Server SV


Step 4: Establish the naming convention

In the spaces below, indicate the order and the number of letters to be used in the device naming. Again, use as many or as few letters as necessary. List the criteria in the blanks and draw a line to indicate the number of letters used. You may also choose to use hyphens (-) or underscores (_) to separate fields.


Step 5: Apply a naming convention

For each of the twelve devices shown in this table, apply the naming convention. Then add these device

names in the appropriate boxes in the topology at the beginning of the lab.

Number Device Name VLAN Description IP Address
1 servers Server for capturing raw video feeds from stadium
2 servers Server for storing finished (postproduction) video
3 web_access Public web server for on demand video access
4 management Branch manager’s computer
5 production Live event production worker (switched)
6 support Human resource clerk
7 support Payroll Manager
8 mobile Live event mobile worker (audio producer)
9 mobile Live event mobile worker (camera coordinator)
10 support Receptionist’s computer
11 management Financial Manager’s computer
12 net_admin Information Technology manager’s computer